Monthly Archives: December 2011

random rants, thoughts, opinions

I’m just getting started on this…my first attempt at a blog.  It was either start a blog, or drive everyone I know insane in the coming year as I expound on everything stupid that will surface in the coming year thanks to the election.  Plus, the soap box is heavy to tote around.  I figure, friends are tired of getting hammered on Facebook with links about marriage equality, and you can’t present enough logic to have a proper argument via status updates and comments.

I’m not expecting a huge amount of agreement on the things I post.  I don’t claim to be a political scholar or an expert on pop culture.  On the contrary, I probably possess just enough knowledge to be dangerous.  Everyone has an opinion, right or wrong.  This is simply mine, humble as it may be.

So there it is…the initial post, the pin prick ready to release whatever goo chooses to escape my brain.  I hope it will prove educational or enlightening more often than not, and at the very least entertaining.

Of course, that assumes someone will find and read it.  If nothing else, it will give my friends a break.