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Just stopping by for a quick brain dump

The past week has been hellacious. Between my home state of NC voting ignorance and hate into the state constitution and the Colorado GOP leadership acting like children, taking their ball and going home rather than put civil equality to vote in the House, my head contains brain stew.

North Carolina. WTF? The majority should NEVER vote on the rights of a minority. Ever. Because ignorance and fear breeds like rats, cockroaches, and fleas. Spreads like a cancer. And as I’ve said before, you can’t fight the morons with logic. They have no logic or reason supporting their views. But the BEST part? The fact that the majority of people who voted for Amendment One have no idea that beyond banning gay marriage, it wipes away existing recognition of non-marriage relationships like domestic partnerships and kills the possibility of civil unions in the future. Same shit – preachers, NOM, Focus on the Family – they “top line” it for the masses without telling them the truth. And the sheeple eat it up. Can’t wait until one of their kids, living in sin with her boyfriend, needs domestic violence protection only to be told her situation doesn’t qualify as domestic abuse b/c they aren’t married. Suck it.

Colorado – If I decided I just didn’t want to do my job, I’d get fired. Maybe in November we’ll be able to have a mass firing of our current legislators. Like school kids, they put off the chores they don’t want to do until the last week of work. Well, the last 3 days – not even a full freakin’ week. And like a spoiled little brat, the Speaker of the House refused to let the civil unions bill go to a vote. First, he and his GOP buddies tack on a couple of “out clauses.” Really? If a church, organization, or even individual has a moral objection to recognizing a civil union, they and “opt out” of obeying the law and discriminate anyway?? What an idea. How’s this? I have a moral objection to ignorance so does that mean I can discriminate against all the bigots who keep trying to suck my rights away?

This past week I’ve heard enough Bible quotes to kill a cow. And in environments where the Bible shouldn’t even be mentioned. Why are members of Congress using Bible quotes to justify their positions for or against legislation? WTF? The next person who comes near me with a Bible is liable to have said book taken from them and used to beat some sense into them. I’d say to beat them senseless, but you can’t lose what you don’t have. So there. I’m not advocating violence but I see this as a humanitarian act of necessity. Like finally putting down the family dog after years of ignorant suffering.

Your religion is your choice. Stop trying to rule the country based solely on your beliefs. You’re not always right. Actually, most of the time you’re wrong. Wrong in your interpretation of your holy book, wrong in your judgement of others, and wrong in your attitude of entitlement. This country was NOT founded as a Christian nation. Freedom of Religion asshole. All that “Under God” and “In God We Trust” was added in the 1950s thanks to McCarthy and the Red Scare. I be someone in NC thinks they won’t get hit by a hurricane now that they’ve put us homos in their place. Can’t wait to see how that turns out.

I could go on, but this was suppose to be a quick brain dump, just so I can sleep without having vocal outbursts.

I probably won’t get any comments on this, if anyone even reads it. Whatever – but don’t bother leaving me any of your Bible verse crap. I don’t want to hear it, it has no place in a secular discussion about civil liberties and government.

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