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Same ignorance, different website…

It’s a dangerous thing, to find a news story concerning gay rights or marriage equality and click on the “Comments” section.  If you’ve done it once, you pretty much know what to expect.  There will be a multitude of comments, pros and cons.  Every now and then, you’ll find one with a genuine open mind or honest question, but for the most part, those of us who enter the zone do so armed for a battle of wills and wits.

Inevitably, there will be the Religious argument against equality.  Bible verses quoted (out of context and cherry-picked of course), and plethora of the following words: sin, hell, abomination, tradition, deviant.  Someone will always pose the question equating same sex marriage with marriages with children, animals, even inanimate objects.

I’ve seen some familiar names around, and familiar responses, but I’ll confess it is exhausting to go from forum to forum trying to battle ignorance one moron at a time.  The most frustrating thing for me is the religious argument against  same sex marriage.  No matter how much Christians want to squawk, the United States is not a Christian nation.  We can argue whether or not the Founding Fathers where Christian, and even how many times the word “God” is used in the Constitution, Declaration of Independence, National Anthem, our currency, etc but the use of the word “God” does not default to being a Christian “God.”  Even if it did, there is no singular view towards homosexuality within the Christian religion, so why do the Fundamentalists think they get to make all the rules?  The Constitution and Bill of Rights are secular documents, so as soon as you use the Bible as the sole justification for your position, your argument is moot in the eyes of the law.  But somehow those who have no other support for their opinion just don’t get it.

Reading through the comments, it becomes clear that the majority of intelligent, logical, well-written entries are in support of equality.  Those touting the religious argument can get down right pissy if you actually have support for your comments.  Take this exchange from the HuffPost article on Rick Santorum’s pledge to annul all gay marriages once elected President:

Works well in all the other countries where they have gay marriage..­nuf’said!!
          Argentina, Canada, Belgium, Netherland­s, Norway, Sweden, Spain, South Africa, Mexico, Portugal, United Kingdom,
Hungary, Ireland

     While civil unions giving equal treatment under the law might be acceptable in my mind, I do not support the definition of
“marriage” being changed from one man and one woman. My view may be a bit more liberal than the mainstream­, but it’s my
view and I’m entitled to it. Why can’t people just have their preference­s and keep them to themselves­. Oh, and BTW, a list of
     liberal degenerate nations does not a consensus make.

           All I did was answer your question about which countries currently allow same sex marriage. Is that the sole criteria you use
to determine whether or not a country is “degenerate”?
Kaycey351 sounds like she assumes there are no current countries that recognize same sex marriage (or have civil unions or partnerships that do have the same rights as marriage).  Why so defensive when I answered your question?  Perhaps you’re just pissed off because there are countries more progressive than the U.S. and they are alive and well.  Kinda throws a kink in the other argument the religiosos are so fond of, listing all the societies that accepted homosexuality that fell, were conquered, or otherwise destroyed. (Sodom and Gomorrah anyone?)
You cannot use logic to argue with someone whose only support for their position is based on religion.  Faith, such a huge part of religion, requires the suspension of logic.  Faith requires belief when there is a lack of evidence or fact, and in some cases when there is contradictory evidence.  It is akin to debating someone whose only statement is “Because I said so.”  But we keep trying because there is always the hope that someone with an open mind, capable of thought and logic, will come across the discussion and actually learn something.
Hope springs eternal.
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